B&B Mery's House

Rooms with private bath, TV, WiFi, heating and air conditioning. At 50 m from the sea and 200 meters from Lido di Fano, behind the bike path Fano-Pesaro, bus stop in front of the house.

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Two steps from the Marche countryside, at the mouth of the river Metauro and on the shore of the Adriatic sea here is the position of Fano, Marche town in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, but still smell of Romagna.

Fanum Fortunae in Roman times, today very popular seaside resort and fishing port of the most important of the Adriatic, Fano is a tourist destination for attentive to the quality of life: its territory retains, in fact, a cultural, historical and environmental prim 'order, which allows the visitor to move from the sea to the picturesque landscapes of the hill in the short span of a few kilometers.
The port divides in two the long coast of Fano: to the east is the beach of Saxony, to the west the sandy beach of Lido. To the north and south, in the town of Fosso Sejore, Metaurilia, Turrets and Marotta, wide beaches and small bays welcome tourists in an environment in harmony with nature.

EventsFeast of the countryside and peasant dishes May 27 to 29
Children's City June 8
Fano of the Caesars July 13 to 19
With Africa in the heart July 27 to 28
Fano Jazz by the sea July 24 to 31
Sea Festival August 2
Il paese dei balocchi August 20 to 23
Palio delle contrade August 29 to 30
International festival of the brodetto and fish soup September 5 to 13
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